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Shunnons el jay. :) [entries|friends|calendar]

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woooow [16 Apr 2007|04:36am]
[ mood | blank ]

ok so like, in the past week I saw both the aqua teen movie, as well as grind house. i liked them both. no one else likes aqua teen though. grind house was AMAZING, everyone should see it.  and I really really want the movie poster with rose mcgowan having a gun for a leg. its so siq.

anyways, life is boring. work is lame. my apt is sweet. rain is lame. twister fruit punch is great. here are some pictures:

yeah. woo.
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easta [09 Apr 2007|03:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

I like smokin' weed with my south african friend because shes not used to it and she thinks that when were really high we should do ridiculous things, like color easter eggs and bake/decorate little easter cakes. even though shes a jew, and i didnt even know easter was a religious holiday until a few years ago. ha. well yeah. i feel like having a camera again is like an excuse to use livejournal. good old livejournal. how I've grown distant from you and all your greatness. anyways. I didn't see any family on easter. I went to south st. diner with brit at like 6am. then i went to bed. got back up. went on adventures. and yada yada so on.

yeah. so. how's everybody else?
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hello miss hotfortacos [18 Dec 2006|09:53am]
[ mood | high ]

i have nothing to say right now, except that I really wish I had something to say.

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comehere [29 Jun 2006|01:57am]
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alright sorry for being annoying [03 Sep 2004|12:32am]
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so milk me [14 Jun 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | tired ]

stolen from Julie/Dan/Johnny.

I want you to post anything that you want in reply to this entry.

anything at all.

a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, an opinion, a critique - anything. be sure to post anonymously and honestly. post twice if you'd like.

just post anonymously; ip logging is off.

then, put this in your lj to see what your friends [and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your lj] have to say...


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i wanna ax it. [13 Jun 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | tired ]

yea thursday night I went to bed at 5a.m. and got up at 6a.m. and went to school.
after school I went to work.
after work I went to the mall with Joanna. After getting blown off by steve and mark, we went and I got my own DDR(from "hot kid"). After that, we saw Garfeild. it was cute. then we went to joannas, i played with rats, and we slept.
early next morn' Dana's daddio comes and gets me and I go with her for her job thing. She is hired. (YES!) She has to stay many hours for orientation, which it sucky. (damn.)
so then. I go home. Play DDR for two hours straight. then Brendan comes. he watches me play more DDR. then we watch some tv. I get breakfast. then we go to hull. find his friend Chris. go to his house. then their friend Cori comes. we all flee to the mall. I see lots of cool people. then back to chris'. then walks along the beach with brendan (haha so corny) then we find his millions of other friends and have a bonfire. mom goes insane. I come home. update journal, soon : more DDR.


todays lesson : being mean to people, gets you NOWHERE.

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ok better update [10 Jun 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

my day consisted of 15 hours of sleep.

and lots of food, and lots of creating communities. and lots of talking to brendan. and joanna. and happiness.

pprevolution join it.</span>

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alright then you wont get naked [06 Jun 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | amazing ]

this is to be the most hektik update ever because so much has happened since friday.

ok so i get out of school friday, to go the movies with mark. lots of fun making fun of crappy digi wolves and whatnot. we talked alot about stuff and it was good.

then creepy guy on bus talks to me, i run home. lex emy and kelly are already there. we get lots of food and run down the street. we watch the FIRST EPISODE OF THE NEW SEASON OF DEGRASSI. then jilly and dana show up. we got to play capture the flag but end up just going INSANE. watching out for cum spills. finding pretend dead bodies. swimming in toxic water. stealing boats. getting chased by cats like Gary 2 and Adolf. then we found stuff in the trash and went back to my house. pigged out on a massive fruit thing. watched gothika. fell asleep. one night i will always remember because it was just...so fun, i love you all.

next morning. everyones gone kinda early. jill and dana and me clean up. massive chip fest, ugh. then brendan comes over. *sigh* yea hes my idol. then he had to go and i went to work. work sucked.

AFTER WORK! i went to pat flannigans. talked to diana about stuff. told greg i was sorry for calling him hot. then we decided we were up for some fun. diana had to go. me dan julie angel and johnny all went to dans house. then went to the beach. got food. me and angel like froze to death. then went on the beach and played tv tag and regular tag and decided were all too out of shape. so we lied down on the beach and talked about stuff. so much f-ing fun i love those people. then we continued to go nuts, my pants ended up off...yea thats right. then me and angel had to go. we took the train and buses back to our homes, talked about stuff. it was fun. i gotta hang out with them more.

and now some pictures for you to enjoy. Collapse )

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ya ready????? [02 Jun 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | full ]

ok friday is the new season of Degrassi. which means "PARTY OVA HEA!" so um yea.
Big sleep over party. Shannon's house. Girls only :P anyone who wants to come, and have some crazy hottubbin girls night of canadian soap operas, your're welcome to come.
so be there or suck at life.

much love <3

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